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Kitty Katsbutt by Lavalord50
Kitty Katsbutt
Well, I actually have been pretty busy with art lately, believe it or not. A few things I am saving to post, but until then, here's some Kitty Katswell from T.U.F.F. Puppy for... not really sure why- but eh, why not? I needed the butt practice anyhow.

S'not like I'm the first to draw smut of this character, oh faaaaaaaaar from it. I guess… 's picture of her had something to do with it (which is so much better, check out his art, holy hell), and while I haven't watch much of T.U.F.F. Puppy, I honestly did like what I saw, so why not I s'pose?

Probably the first picture I've full on shaded in a while. Along with that, I've been trying new ways to make my inking look somewhat nicer, y'know? Ignore that poorly drawn gun though, didn't spend nearly as much time on that as I should've, lol. And as you can probably see on the top left, I made a signature thingie too that I've been meaning to use. So yay!

Can also be found on:
Sloth by Lavalord50
So, this is actually pretty old, done sometime late last year. I wanted to post this with a reference sheet, but since I got up in other drawings and art practices as of late, here ya go. This is Sonic related, apart of a fanfiction I started some time ago on If you're interested, here ya go (x2):…

The run down is that Blaze, the central character in this fic, gets herself stranded on an island when Marina finally manages to break her stubborn attitude and go have some fun together. One thing leads to another and she runs into the lone native of the island: Sloth- a primitive, tired, lax wolf guardian. And their relationship goes spiraling down hill from there.

Despite what I mentioned above, the main setting of the story will not be on the island, so it's not one of those "two people stranded on an island" romances or anything- quite the opposite actually. It'll be pretty action packed, story driven, and character focused of a story, so I hope I can deliver with that promise.

Anyway, you're be able to find this pic on my tumblr as well:

See ya next post!
Holy shit, DeviantArt is now Facebook. T'was only a matter of time...
All the world's gems are mine to keep! by Lavalord50
All the world's gems are mine to keep!
Well, um... this took forever.

Been a long time since I've drawn anything Sonic related here, but here ya go!

Tried out a different lineart size and shading style. Came out well I think, though not sure if I'm making this a habit...

Also on Tumblr:…
[OC] Keylime Pie by Lavalord50
[OC] Keylime Pie
Soooo yeah, it's been a while since I've put up one of my finished works, but I'm back with new tricky, bby. I've been practicing human anatomy mostly, so it's a little weird going back to ponies. I'm not 100% confident in my human anatomy skills, though I am definitely getting better, so here's a pone I've wanted to draw for a while.

Her name's Keylime Pie, and if she's related to Pinkie, it's incredibly distant to the point where they've possibly never even met, as she's from Trottingham. Anyway, as you can probably tell, she does not look like a happy mare. She's usually not. She's easy to piss off, grumpy nearly 24/7, and is a master at baking incredibly sour treats, which have given her the reputation of "Miss Sour".

Her hair clip looks like a lemon. 8D

She has a compassionate side in their somewhere, but Keylime does have a reputation to uphold.

What she also doesn't want anyone to know is how kinky she actually is. Fetishes for miles, and she has an insatiable love for femboys.

She's a poivert.

Also, no, she won't be used in Remorse. I'm not quite sure what to do with her at the moment, actually...

Anyway, hope I'll be submitting more artwork here soon. This would've been uploaded much sooner had it not been for a little (major, actually) Windows 8 issue. Didn't get to add a signature because of that either. I'll try to do so once I can get this resolved....

Also on Tumblr:…
And Fimfiction:…
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So yeah, I'm eighteen now! Not sure if it feels different, but I'm sure it will once I finally graduate...


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I can art, write, and butts at the same time. Also ponies.

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