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Someone uploaded my Tree Hugger pic to paheal, which marks my first picture on the site. I can't help but be a little happy. :D
Hippie Horse (Tree Hugger) by Lavalord50
Hippie Horse (Tree Hugger)
So, I really liked Tree Hugger. More so than Maud I dare admit.

I'm usually not super keen on hippie characters, but Tree Hugger was goddamn adorable. Maybe it's just cuz "ponies", but whatever. To be honest, I was fighting through some art block when making the sketch- namely dealing with a shaky-hand, but I like how this ended up turning out. Also, _finally_ I get myself to draw something from the newest episode out, even if it is a few days late.

Her figure was inspired by Lil Miss Jay's drawing of her. I honestly planned this to just be lineart- flat colors at most, but boy does that never seem to happen when I say that...

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Big Mac Surprise by Lavalord50
Big Mac Surprise
Well, my second clop pic, in a sense. Wanted to practice poses and backgrounds, as well as subtly in backgrounds. And feet, need I mention? Anyway, I like how this came out, though not too happy with my pseudo afternoon lighting effect. Guess I'll just need more practice when it comes to that. Ah well. Thinking about remaking my Lyra pic in anthro, so expect that to come in the near future then.

I hope that whiteboard pisses so many people off.

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[Fursona] New Profile Pic by Lavalord50
[Fursona] New Profile Pic
Just a quick submission of a pic I made a while ago. Decided I may as well post this, so yeah, this is my fursona. I made him chubbier than me since he's a bear, but all said clothing is what I own and wear. Dunno about whether or not he should have a name separate from mine though.
Kitty Katsbutt by Lavalord50
Kitty Katsbutt
Well, I actually have been pretty busy with art lately, believe it or not. A few things I am saving to post, but until then, here's some Kitty Katswell from T.U.F.F. Puppy for... not really sure why- but eh, why not? I needed the butt practice anyhow.

S'not like I'm the first to draw smut of this character, oh faaaaaaaaar from it. I guess… 's picture of her had something to do with it (which is so much better, check out his art, holy hell), and while I haven't watch much of T.U.F.F. Puppy, I honestly did like what I saw, so why not I s'pose?

Probably the first picture I've full on shaded in a while. Along with that, I've been trying new ways to make my inking look somewhat nicer, y'know? Ignore that poorly drawn gun though, didn't spend nearly as much time on that as I should've, lol. And as you can probably see on the top left, I made a signature thingie too that I've been meaning to use. So yay!

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  • Drinking: Water do the things I probably wasn't going to do anyway. :/

So yeah, I'm eighteen now! Not sure if it feels different, but I'm sure it will once I finally graduate...


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Nicholas M
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I can art, write, and butts at the same time. Also ponies.

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